Looking for someone to help you design your service or build customer experience around your product? To create new innovations to supplement your product portfolio or to help you to enforce your brand? How about finding someone to develop the area you are in charge of – whether it is urban capital or rural village in emerging markets? Let's work together!

I am looking for clients who truly believe in their service or product. Who think it can make positive impact in society. And who are willing to shake off the existing ways of doing and are ready to innovate new ones.




We no longer define ourselves with product brands we use, but with experiences we have.  Therefore, there is a huge demand for services that save time from our daily routines, allowing us to invest that time in services that help us develop ourselves – and benefit others and the nature around us.



Time for mega brands that have survived despite the arrogance towards their consumers and ignorance of nature and human rights is over. Beloved brands of today are created through empathy, shared experiences, content that empowers customers and up to date visual elements that make people feel good.



Whether it is urban Pasila in Helsinki or rural Alagollewa in Sri Lanka, people want to feel proud of their neighbourhood. The brand of the area where we live in, defines a part of who we are and how others view us. Therefore, how we develop the areas we live in, plays a big role in our wellbeing.


Panelist on fair travel panel at Aalto University / Sustainable Entrepreneurship programme

Talkshow guest at Yle Perjantai: Onko matkailu itsekästä

Panelist at The Future of Responsible Tourism seminar on Satamahulinat by Port of Helsinki

Ompeluseura Upea ura -seminar, panelist

Word Village festival, panelist at event "Köyhyyden kohtaaminen matkalla"  by Kepa

Guest at Arto Nyberg talk show

Selected clients I have been working with




"In January 2016 we started building a new art museum in the Helsinki city centre. Annika was part of the team that created the brand image for the construction period, including the museum website, various print materials and the fence for the construction site.

On top of the successful end result and positive feedback from different stakeholders, I was happy that the whole project with its different design and execution phases went so smoothly for me as the client.

In addition, the branding for the construction phase succesfully conveyded the change our organisation had started."

Timo Riitamaa, Head of communication and marketing at Amos Rex Art Museum

The project was done together with BOTH Design Services.

“We have been working with Annika now for about 1,5 years, and can rely on her for all things related to design and now most recently, branding. Our current brand look and feel is designed by Annika, and we have been very satisfied with the efficient workshops she has facilitated for us.

A very special mention goes out to her flawless work with our software UX, where she managed to turn a complex and data-laden concept into an simple and easily operable interface, that has received praise from our users. I can highly recommend Annika to any companies looking to get quality results on short turnaround times.”

Panu Keski-Pukkila, COO & Co-founder of Causalus, a digital service for medication evaluation & monitoring


"We have been working together with Annika for a long time with diverse brand renewal and package design projects. Annika created distinctive, functional and stylish designs for Jalotofu and Jalotempe product families. Our cooperation has been excellent and everybody has been happy with the end result.

Without exception, we have also received good feedback from our consumers, who praise package design and recognizability of the packages. The result also looks good for Jalofoods in the numeric side – we have seen 30% growth in business three years in a row. We can highly recommend cooperation with Annika."

Sten-Göran Enbom, Marketing Manager, Jalofoods | Oy Soya Ab